Download the Latest OTA Software

The downloads on this page are the latest production release of the OpenTourney Assistant™ from Escape Sports, Inc.


CATALOG of PDF samples for all OTA Bracket Families

OTA 4.99 E14
Windows zip
OTA 4.99 E14
Mac OS X
(dmg file)OTA-Mac-499E14-64bit.dmg

To Install:  Click above to download the installer. Open the installer on your machine to install the OTA.

Test Data to practice with  (a ZIP file - click here)OTA_Updates_files/
OTA QuickStart Guide - Jan 2012.pdfOTA_Updates_files/OpenTourney%20Quickstart%20Guide%20-%20Jan%202012.pdf
Online Brackets - OverviewOTA_Updates_files/Online%20Brackets%20from%20the%20OTA%20%282013%29.pdf

Other things you can download...

OTA 4.99 E14 Release Notes.pdfOTA_Updates_files/OTA%204-99%20E14%20Readme.pdf

To Install:  Click above to download the DMG file; double click to mount/open the dmg; drag the OTA to the Applications folder.

Add Wrestlers to a full bracket ...OTA_Updates_files/Adding%20a%20Wrestler%20To%20a%20Full%20bracket.pdf
Handling Scratches in seeded eventsOTA_Updates_files/Handling%20Scratches%20in%20Fully%20Seeded.pdf